We have 20+ years of experience in the game
For over 20 years, one thing remains important to Covers: community. It’s why we created a trusted space for sports fans to collaborate and get what they need to be smart bettors.

Back in 1995, we had a big problem: there were no trusted online sports betting sources. Where could sports fans go to get the tools to make confident bets and make the games they watched more interesting? Where could they spend time interacting with other like-minded, passionate sports fans where they could share strategies, tell stories of epic wins and heartbreaking losses, and to help teach them how to handicap games instead of having to rely on others?

The answer was simple: those sources didn’t exist…yet. Back then, if you were a sports bettor, you had few options to get the relevant stats, information and community engagement you needed to bet with confidence, especially since sports betting was so stigmatized. If you couldn’t find that valuable information in a specialty newspaper or magazine you were out of luck.

Well we don’t believe in luck. We know that doing research matters with sports betting so that’s why we founded Covers. We’ve been trailblazing ever since. It’s in our DNA. We also know that sports betting isn’t just about making money (although we love it when that happens!) – it’s about the experience. It’s about earning bragging rights. It’s about the competition.

We created a reliable brand that provides original content geared to sports bettors with a huge selection of indispensable stats, insightful articles and videos, a vibrant forum community, fun-to-play free contests, and professional advice, all with one goal: to help sports fans become their own betting experts.

It’s simple: we believe you should never lose a sports bet.