Covers sports betting editorial feeds give you unfettered access to all of Covers in-house produced articles focused around how you can bet the big games of today and tomorrow. With almost 25 years in the sports betting industry, you can rely on Covers articles to attract all types of sports bettors and enthusiasts to your website.

  • Access to content from all major sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NHL, CFL, AFL, Soccer and other industry news.
  • The easily digestible format can walk any seasoned bettor or newbie through how to bet any matchup and make watching sports that much more exciting.
  • Content coverage includes “Opening Line Reports”, “Underdogs”, “Action Reports”, “Game of the Day”, “Props”, “Over/Unders”, and much more.
  • Each league has its own feed making it easy for you to integrate only the content you know your users will love.
  • Covers content can be integrated into your site directly through RSS or Atom feeds as well as filtered in our B2B admin to pick the perfect article at the perfect time and display it on your site through multiple widget views.

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